Church History

Enon Baptist Church was organized on June 21, 1851, by L. R. Jennings and Harvin Vandavier with fourteen members, five men and nine women. The members elected Reverend L. R. Jennings as the first Pastor. Reverend John Arial was also elected as first church clerk. In a period of time, three deacons were elected. They were Reverend John Arial, Mr. J. R. Gary and Mr. Felix Rogers. Reverend John Arial donated four acres of land on which a brush arbor was built. Services were held in this arbor until a wooden structure was built of hand-hewed logs. This building served the congregation until 1874 when a brick church was erected. The brick were handmade near the home of Abe Mauldin, a faithful member of Enon Church. This small, sturdy church was used as built for sixty-four years.